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Young UKYP representative selected to attend 750th anniversary of Parliament

Toby Jeffery UKYP Bury

Member of Youth Parliament for Bury St. Edmunds selected to attend the 750th anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament.

Toby Jeffery, MYP for Bury St. Edmunds, was selected as one of a small selection of young people throughout the UK to attend the historical and one of a kind event in Parliament to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Montfort’s Parliament, on 22nd January.

Toby says, “being selected to attend an event to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament is an extraordinary honour. The event at Westminster Abbey on 22nd January 2015 will be significant for all involved.

“I like to keep track of what is happening in Parliament – the laws that are made there affect everyone. Having the privilege of being able to attend an event such as this, which looks back at the history of our Parliament, will be unique and extremely interesting for me, and will be a highlight of my time representing young people as an MYP.

“Toby Montfort’s Parliament was unbelievably important. It was the first time that representatives of both towns and shires were summoned simultaneously to discuss issues of national concern, which ultimately paved the way for the emergence of the House of Commons. After meeting in the famous chamber last November to debate the UKYP Mark your Mark topics, it is strange thinking about what our democratic system would look like if there were no House of Commons!”

Community Action Suffolk’s UKYP support worker, Amber Spearing, says, “we are absolutely delighted that Toby has been selected to attend this historic and monumental event, Toby has continued to work diligently hard for the young people in his local area and this seems like a fitting tribute to all his hard work so far.”