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CAS training rated “of a very high standard and of high quality” by external verifier

Community Action Suffolk is an accredited National Open College Network (NOCN) Centre and provides accredited training to professional standards and is compliant with NOCN’s Centre requirements.

As part of the quality assurance process for our training offer, we are inspected annually by NOCN. This involves an external verifier visiting CAS and checking:

  • the quality of our accredited courses
  • the robustness of our centre’s policies and how we apply them
  • our training delivery, assessment and internal verification

The good news is that the external verifier was “absolutely delighted” with the quality of our accredited courses and said that CAS “has got it right and then some!”

Our NOCN courses include:

  • Health and Safety ‘The Safe Worker’ course
  • Volunteering
  • Theory of Youth Work

We were also told that we are doing work to a very high standard and of high quality. We can evidence work and systems that the majority of NOCN centres have to be told to incorporate. Thank you to all CAS staff involved and to anyone who comes on our training courses.

Visit our training pages to see what CAS can offer you.