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Case Studies from the Sector: 5th Woodbridge Sea Scouts

This project was supported by Suffolk Community Restart.

5th Woodbridge Sea Scouts currently serves nearly 120 young people from Woodbridge and the surrounding areas. They have members from 6 to 18 years old and aim to have fun, adventure and build skills for life.

Case study

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Full text version:

Usually, the Scouts have all kinds of outdoor adventures – but when Covid hit, everything changed. They had to shut down all face-to-face activities for the lockdowns. Luckily, the Scout Association was extremely quick to support groups with online activities and provided Zoom licenses to all groups so that they could still provide interactive sessions. It wasn’t easy – the group lost about 15% of their young and adult members – but they have quickly recovered numbers. Even better, the waiting list has grown since Covid restrictions have been relaxed, with families wanting to get their young people outside again.

With exciting camp trips planned for the summer, the group wanted to make sure the young people had space in the tents. They decided to limit tent capacity to 2/3 – the only problem was, they would need more tents to do so!

Thankfully, the Community Restart Scheme awarded them £1080 to cover the cost of two new patrol tents. With an additional two tents bought through match funding, everyone was a bit more Covid-safe (and comfy!).

Interested in joining the fun? The 5th Woodbridge Sea Scouts are really keen to hear from anyone who wants to become a volunteer for them. There are lots of roles available in scout leading and support, and it’s a great ‘family’ to be involved in.

If you’d like to get in touch, or just find out a little more, email [email protected] or send them a message on their Facebook page.

This project was supported by Suffolk Community Restart.