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Case Studies from the Sector: Beccles Netball Club

This project was supported by Suffolk Community Restart.

The Beccles Netball Club aims to provide a facility whereby girls and ladies can train, socialise and compete in netball within a safe environment.  

To read how the Club faced the challenge of Covid, either see the image below or scroll to read a full-text version.

Beccles Netball Club case study

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Full text version:

How has Covid affected your organisation?

The impact of Covid meant the suspension of both training and playing in matches. Training is indoors, and unfortunately it could only cater for limited members during Covid restrictions. It impacted the wider family, too, because parents were no longer allowed to attend to watch their children join in training.

But having a dedicated Covid-19 officer, Bev Calver, has been an integral part of keeping the Netball training going during the Covid restrictions. Bev has kept up to date with risk assessments and safety measures like temperature checks and lateral flow tests before attendance.

This is so important, because netball is higher-risk than other sports due to the nature of the game. Players are in close contact with each other with face to face marking and it’s mostly played indoors. With this in mind, the Club didn’t want to lose its members due to them being anxious about catching Covid while doing something they enjoy.

What are your goals for the year ahead?

As a club, we are hoping to recruit more members for both junior and senior sections.  We would like to reinforce our safety plans within the Covid restriction/rules and ensure members feel safe. We want to ease any anxiety regarding attending the sports venue. As a club, we would like to launch a recruitment campaign as Beccles Netball Club is the only Club within the Waveney area that offers netball training to girls and ladies who would like to develop their interest in the sport.

How has Restart funding helped you?

The Community Restart Funding will help with extra training equipment to help its members feel safe from sharing bibs and utilising extra training netballs which can be sanitised during training sessions. We can all carry on playing the sport we enjoy in safety.