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Case Studies from the Sector: Lowestoft Rising Cultural Education Partnership

This project was supported by Suffolk Community Restart.

The Lowestoft Rising Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) aims to ensure that all children and young people have access to high-quality arts and cultural activity.

To read how they faced the challenge of Covid, either see the image below or scroll to read a full-text version.

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Full text version:

How has Covid affected your organisation?

Covid has made a big difference to the way the partnership works. Pre-Covid, teacher training took place in person, but it’s since moved online. Activity with schools has dropped drastically as a result of Covid restrictions, too – and even now, when restrictions are lifted, we have to be agile and respond to last-minute changes like low staffing numbers, Covid tests in schools and the individual requirements of organisations. There’s a lot to think about!

In 2019, we recruited a team of young people to help programme our annual Youth Arts and Heritage festival. When planning sessions took place in-person, there was a strong team of engaged young people, but as soon as we moved online, their interest dropped off. This was largely attributed to ‘Zoom fatigue’, because all their school work was being delivered in this way too.

Sadly, Covid has meant that it’s been even more difficult to recruit young people to projects like these, and many of the LCEP partners have reported similar issues.

How has Restart funding helped you?

Much of the event was planned to take place outdoors, so we needed help with extra funding for gazebos to protect us from the worst weather! Where we needed to use indoor venues, we wanted to make sure there was enough space to accommodate safe distances, and this often came at a higher price. I’ve also received 1-to-1 advice about marketing activity and signed up to social media training.

What are your goals for the year ahead?

We’re hoping to maintain connections with schools and keep working with partners to deliver high-quality arts and cultural opportunities to young people. We also hope to continue to deliver CPD – and we’ll be planning and delivering the Youth Arts & Heritage Festival in October half