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Suffolk Pride – Darragh

#TheBigSuffolkPledge is now in full swing, across Suffolk individuals, groups and businesses are thinking about how they can support volunteering locally. If you are wondering what it might be like to be a volunteer, read Darragh’s story, a volunteer at Suffolk Pride.

“Volunteering makes my day anytime I do it”

At Suffolk Pride, I specialise in helping out with technical needs and I also monitor our main email address – if you’ve dropped us an email in the past couple months, it was probably me reply!

Alongside the emails, my role includes maintenance of the website, technical support and coordination of the use of tech at our events.

I often consider myself an expert at volunteering – I’ve been doing charitable work since I was about 12 and I love the bubbly good feeling I get when I know I’ve helped someone have a better day or sort out a problem they’ve needed to get resolved. I specifically volunteer for Suffolk Pride because I strongly believe that LGBTQ+ deserve to be celebrated and feel loved as it can often be difficult to see that if you’ve come from a non-approving background. I also, quite honestly, think it’s a lot of fun!

Volunteering makes my day any time I do it. It is something I find very rewarding, and I know at the end of it that I’ve done something good. It’s also something that has increased my confidence and built-up skills and interests that I would’ve otherwise never discovered.

Could you pledge your support to Suffolk Pride or other similar organisations visit The Big Suffolk Pledge – Community Action Suffolk and take part in #TheBigSuffolkPledge and check out volunteering opportunities available to you at