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Community Food Partnership

Working in partnership with Suffolk County Council and District Councils, the Community Food Partnership Team will focus on supporting new and existing food projects across Suffolk and assisting with the development of local food networks.

This co-ordinated approach will help give improved access to the advice and support needed to become more food and income secure, to those who need it most.

Initially the team will focus on identifying and building relationships with existing projects across Suffolk, such as foodbanks, community pantries, fridges and larders, top up shops and other provisions such as community meals, allotments and community gardens.

The team will also focus on supporting the set up of new community food projects that empower people to make their own food choices, rather than the traditional model of handing out pre- selected food parcels, and that can provide additional support services to people to help them with wider issues that can impact their food and income security.

The team will also be looking at ways to improve access to nutritious food within the community food supply chain through developing local and sustainable food supplies, for example by working with local farmers and producers, local shops and markets, allotments and other food sources.

For more information about the partnership, please email Emily Orford, Community Food Partnership Manager at [email protected]

Contact details for food officers can be found in our staff directory

The Food Team are currently working to identify what food projects already exist around Suffolk.  This could be a foodbank, community pantry or fridge, local community meals, a gardening or allotment project to supply a community with produce, a shelf of items in your local church, or anything where food is made available to the local community.

If you need to access food, you can find food projects in Suffolk on these websites:

Suffolk Infolink

Ipswich Top Up Shops

Basic Life Pop up Shops

Citizens Advice provide more information about food banks on their website here and can provide referrals when needed. They also have dedicated foodbank helpline: 0808 208 2138