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Support for Food Projects

CAS supports the VCFSE sector with a variety services to help organisations be sustainable, resilient and well run.

Below are some of the services we offer. If there is anything else that you need support with please do contact us at [email protected]

Funding and Financial Sustainability

Funding4Suffolk Portal

Governance and Business Support


DBS Checks


Free School Meals

All primary school children in England currently receive “Universal Infant free school meals” in Reception, year 1 and year 2 regardless of household income.


However, parents should also check whether they are eligible for benefit-related free school meals if their child is in these year groups. This is because it can open up other funding and opportunities for their child and school.


They do not need to wait until their child reaches the end of year 2 to check eligibility and apply.


Further information about eligibility, benefits and how to apply can be found here



Healthy Start Scheme

This is a scheme where pregnant women or those with children under the age of 4 could get payments to spend on cow’s milk, infant formula, fruit and vegetables, pulses and also access free vitamins.

You can find out more about the scheme, eligibility and apply here

You can download leaflets about the scheme in a variety of languages here

Money Guiders Free Training

Money Guiders is free training for anyone who may have conversations about money with their customers. It is provided by the Money and Pension Service.

You can find out more about the training here

If you are interested in undertaking training please contact [email protected]

Suffolk Infolink

Suffolk Infolink is a free online directory of local organisations and community groups and services.

Organisations can set up their own profile to promote their services. You can find our more and register here

The food team oversee a page called ‘Accessing Food in Suffolk’ which lists various food projects around the county as well as offering other information and support around food and income. You can find the page here

You can download a leaflet to promote the Accessing Food In Suffolk page here

Suffolk Information Partnership

Suffolk Information Partnership (SIP) is a network of over 100 organisations who provide support around care, health and wellbeing.

You can join SIP to receive regular updates and be part of their network events.

SIP also run the Warm Handover Referral Scheme, which enables organisations to support vulnerable customers to access a variety of services that they may otherwise not contact on their own.

You can find out more about SIP and Warm Handover here

IFAN (Independent Food Aid Network) have produce a ‘Worried about Money?’ leaflet for each district, which provides guidance and information for different money situations and details of local support for each district. You can download the leaflet for your district from their website and also request free hard copies for your organisation.

WRAP have a variety of resources on their website to support projects with the redistribution of surplus food, such as guidance around best before dates.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) has a variety of guidance available for community food projects on their website.

Real Farming Trust LUSH scheme: Linking Up Suppliers and Hubs (LUSH) is a pilot scheme connecting food suppliers together with food hubs to create a more resilient food system.