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Why Do Men’s Sheds Exist

There are frequent reports of loneliness, social isolation, low self-esteem, lack of direction and even worrying suicide rates amongst older men. Although not exclusive to this group, men show many of these symptoms and after finishing work, often become detached and separated from society as these connections end.

Higher unemployment, less working men’s clubs and increased online activity have all contributed to more people becoming disconnected as tangible social interactions reduce.

As this contact diminishes, mental health and general wellbeing can also be impacted alongside reduced positivity leading to other health disadvantages. Men’s Sheds offers a safe space to encourage new friendships and prompt feelings of purpose while triggering interest in new skills and sharing personal stories. The opportunity to utilise their own valuable skills, learn new ones and create a sense of achievement ensures they feel valued. This process of involvement and interacting with like-minded people is hugely positive and helps to overcome negative feelings that can spiral out of control. In addition, as local communities and businesses become involved, further opportunities to participate in other activities also appear as networks increase.