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‘We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit‘
Robert H. Shaffer

In this section you will find invaluable training courses to support you in your role with working/volunteering with children and young people.


Training sessions

If you want to include youth work approaches in your professional toolkit then this course is for you. It covers practical youth work skills and knowledge. It can help build your confidence

This course is a brief introduction to key youth work skills. It is ideal for anyone who already works or volunteers and finds that they come into contact with young people in non-youth working roles and settings.

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Fri 10th and 17th November 10am – 12.30pm Via ZoomOpens a external web page

Learn from peers, meet invited experts, stay up to date and build relationships with colleagues in the safeguarding community in a safe, supportive space.

The network events are open to anyone who is interested in keeping people safe from harm.

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Monday 25th September 10am – 11am via ZoomOpens a external web page
fhryuigerguyOpens a external web page

Networking sessions

Do you know how to fulfil your safeguarding responsibilities, to recognise abuse and report it correctly?

If you work, or volunteer, with children and/or adults at risk of harm this course is an ideal introduction, to equip you with fundamental safeguarding knowledge and skills.

It covers both children and adults so you can support families better. It is also suitable as refresher training for those who need to renew their safeguarding training.

As an organisation you have a responsibility to ensure that no-one who comes into contact with your organisation is harmed and if they need safeguarding they receive safeguarding support

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Tues 26th September 10am – 12.30pm Via ZoomOpens a external web page

Training sessions

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On demand resources

If you want or need the flexibility to learn at different times and at your own pace this section is for you.

Introduction to PREVENTOpens a external web page

This training takes about 45 minutes to complete.
Prevent is about safeguarding individuals from being drawn into terrorism, ensuring those vulnerable to extremist and terrorist narratives are given appropriate advice and support at an early stage. Prevent is no different to any other form of safeguarding from harm.

Supporting the VCFSE sector to work with young people

We aim to ensure that VCFSE organisations have access to resources, support and training to help build capacity in the youth sector, developing new ideas and sustaining existing support and provision for young people. Take a look at our Youth Focus Suffolk page for information and resources:

Can’t find what you are looking for?

We may be able to create a bespoke course to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your organisations training needs. [email protected]