Young Leadership Project

Why the Young Leadership Project?

The project aims to get young people (aged 16 to 25 years old) involved with Suffolk charities as trustees, enrolling them in the Suffolk Young Trustee Programme.

The average trustee in England and Wales is 59 years old, and 55 in Northern Ireland!

The Young Leadership Project aims to bridge the gap between trustees, organisations and young people. Young people are our future charity leaders.

There are many benefits connecting young people with local charities:

  • Broaden the diversity of your organisation’s trustee board
  • Bring young people’s perspective, experience and skills to your trustee board
  • Pave the way for future charity leaders and trustees
  • Young people are interested in volunteer leadership opportunities, but are unaware of trustee’s role, or feel inexperienced to become one
  • Young people increasingly want to make a difference to their community

What is the Suffolk Young Trustee Programme?

This programme will connect motivated young people with voluntary organisations, looking to welcome a young trustee onto their trustee board:

  • The Suffolk Young Trustee Programme will last for one year
  • Young people will start in a non-voting trustee role
  • Organisations will be part of the recruitment process of young people, supported by CAS
  • A charity trustee will mentor the young trustee
  • CAS will offer free ‘Get on Board’ training for young people, created by Children’s Right Unit based in Wales

This model has been adapted from Oxford Hub Young Trustees Programme, as an excellent example of how to involve students on trustee boards.

I’m interested, how do I get involved?

For more information download our packs:

If you’re interested in the Young Leadership Project, complete the relevant online form below and we’ll be in touch!

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Get On Board – FREE Young Trustee Training

(For 16-25 year olds)

Date:         Thurday 25th July
Time:         10.00am – 4.00pm
Location: Brightspace
                     160 Hadleigh Road
                     IP2 0HH
Lunch & refreshments provided (and Suffolk travel expenses reimbursed)

Bookings can be made online: Click here


For further information, please contact Janet Perry, Youth Leadership Development Officer.

Contact details can be found below.

Check out an interview with our development officer Janet Perry below on the project


Janet Perry, Youth Leadership Development Officer:
07391 419917

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