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Community Action Suffolk Quality Framework

Putting you in control. You choose the level of support that is right for you.

Supporting healthier, safer, sustainable organisations

If you are interested in being a quality organisation we can support you. To find out more about the three levels of the Quality Framework read on to start your journey.

Click here for more information on the Framework and to explore each of the options

What does the CAS Quality Framework cover?

The CAS Quality Framework covers the four main areas an organisation requires to demonstrate it is committed to quality. These four sections help ensure that your organisation has the structure, policies and procedures in place to be a safe, well run provider of services. The four areas covered by the Organisation HealthCheck are:

CAS Quality Framework

The Quality Framework is designed with flexibility in mind so you can choose the level of support and resources that are right for you. It is updated annually.

The CAS Quality Framework has three options to choose from:

Level 1: Organisation HealthCheck

Level 2: Organisation HealthCheck Plus

Level 3: Quality Standards

Each section acts as a stand-alone resource. However, they are also designed to allow you to progress from one to another. You could start with the HealthCheck which is a self-assessment and realise that you would benefit from the examples policies and procedures contained within the HealthCheck Plus and upgrade to that. After that you may decide that you are ready and want to complete the CAS Quality Standard.

Click here for more information on the Framework and to explore each of the options

Over 180 organisations in Suffolk have used the CAS Quality Standards to help them strengthen, build their confidence and embed effective practice across the organisation. Groups say it:

Improved confidence, resilience and efficiency through the implementation of robust policies and procedures.

Engaged staff across the organisation to be a part of embedding quality and development

Working towards CAS quality standards award helped us secure robust policies and procedures.   Through this work we not only learnt a great deal, but also found it helped us on many practical levels.   

It gives us peace of mind that we are working in line both with legal requirements and with best practice.  Having the award helps us to show our funders and clients  that we take governance seriously and are a trustworthy organisation