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Safeguarding: More resources

In this section you will find a range of leaflets, guides and links to useful safeguarding resources to support you with keeping people safer and to meeting your safeguarding responsibilities.

You will also find links to the free resources from our national safeguarding campaign with NAVCA and ACRE #AreTheySafe?

“Trustees should ensure their charity provides a safe environment  and protects staff, volunteers, and anyone who comes into contact with it from abuse or maltreatment of any kind.

Trustees should take steps to ensure no one who comes into contact with their charity suffers distress or harm, as well as safeguarding children and adults at risk, says regulator of charities’. Charity Commission, 2018

Safeguarding should be a governance priority for all charities‘, Charity Commission 2018

Abuse is not normal.

You have a safeguarding responsibility to the staff and volunteers that work with your organisation as well as to any children, young people, families and/or adults at risk of abuse that you work with.

Community Action Suffolk has wide ranging knowledge and experience of delivering safeguarding training and providing policy and procedural guidance.

Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect, abuse and exploitation and other criminal behaviour such as scamming. We ask you to join us, and with our professional colleagues from the Police, Suffolk Health Services, Suffolk County Council, to prevent abuse from happening, protect those being abused and take action.

Leaflets and guides

ACRE resources:
New! Template Safeguarding policy and advice sheet

Click below to download

ACRE Information Sheet 5: SafeguardingOpens or downloads a document
ACRE Template Safeguarding policyOpens or downloads a document

#AreTheySafe? Resource pack

CAS has created these resources with colleagues at NAVCA, ACRE and Basingstoke CVS as part of our national safeguarding campaign.

By removing the stigma of reporting and creating a greater understanding of safeguarding, we can change the behaviours of people witnessing potential abuse and neglect, and empower people to speak up and help people in abusive or neglectful situations receive the support they need.  

Use the link below to download the campaign pack which includes:

New! On demand session ‘Safeguarding responsibilities for Town and Parish Councils’

CAS has created this resource specifically for you to work through at your own time and pace.

1. To reinforce that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

2. To provide basic awareness of adult and children safeguarding

3. To provide awareness of the main legal and moral responsibilities for safeguarding incl. reporting to the Charity Commission and DBS Checks.

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