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Safeguarding should be a governance priority for all charities‘, Charity Commission 2018

“Trustees should ensure their charity provides a safe environment  and protects staff, volunteers, and anyone who comes into contact with it from abuse or maltreatment of any kind”.

‘Trustees should take steps to ensure no one who comes into contact with their charity suffers distress or harm, as well as safeguarding children and adults at risk, says regulator of charities’.

Charity Commission, 2018
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New resources for Village Halls Safeguarding Week 16 -22 Nov 2020

ACRE resources:
New! Template Safeguarding policy and advice sheet

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ACRE Information Sheet 5: SafeguardingOpens or downloads a document
ACRE Template Safeguarding policyOpens or downloads a document

Q&A sessions to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding policies and procedures within village halls and community buildings.

In line with the ACRE Safeguarding project, CAS are delivering two Safeguarding Q+A sessions for Trustees and Management Committees.

These will be run by Jacqui Wilkinson, Training, Quality Standards and Safeguarding Development Officer at CAS.

The aim of these sessions is to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding policies and procedures within village halls and community buildings. 

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New! On demand course
Introduction to safeguarding responsibilities for Village Halls

CAS has created this resource specifically for you to work through at your own time and pace.

1. To reinforce that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

2. To provide basic awareness of adult and children safeguarding

3. To provide awareness of the main legal and moral responsibilities for safeguarding incl. reporting to the Charity Commission and DBS Checks.

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Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. You have a safeguarding responsibility to the staff and volunteers that work with your organisation as well as to any children, young people, families and/or adults at risk of abuse that you work with.

Community Action Suffolk can support you to develop an appropriate understanding of safeguarding risks and requirements and how to manage these.

Community Action Suffolk has wide ranging knowledge and experience of delivering safeguarding training and providing policy and procedural guidance. These are in accordance with the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership   (previously Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board and Suffolk Adult Safeguarding Board) recommendations to support groups working with children and young people and adults at risk of abuse.

Abuse is not normal. Every person’s wellbeing matters. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Find help here.

Children, young people and adults help make the communities we live in. Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect, abuse and exploitation and other criminal behaviour such as scamming. We ask you to join us, and with our professional colleagues from the Police, Suffolk Health Services, Suffolk County Council, to prevent abuse from happening, protect those being abused and take action.

Watch the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership short video above on raising awareness of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults in our community, and find out what to do if you see something that just doesn’t feel quite right. The message is simple…see it, recognise it, report it.

VCSE Sector Safeguarding policy and training support

If you are a VCSE organisation in Suffolk and need some support developing your safeguarding policy and procedure or embedding safeguarding in your organisation CAS has the following support available to you:

  • FREE example safeguarding policies and procedures are available on our website for you download, scroll down this page to the ‘Online resources’ section
  • FREE email and telephone support to review and provide guidance on your safeguarding policy and procedures.
Click here to view our complete Learning and development offer for safeguarding. There are 'live' training courses, on demand courses, conferences, guides and bookletsOpens a external web page

Safeguarding policy and procedure 121 consultation

We offer face to face 121 support and guidance with your safeguarding policy and procedures including how to embed them in your organisation.

To book a 1 hour consultation please contact:
Jacqui Wilkinson, Training, Safeguarding and Quality Standards Development Officer

Tel: 01473 345312

Safeguarding Training

Click here to view our complete Learning and development offer for safeguarding. There are 'live' training courses, on demand courses, conferences, guides and bookletsOpens a external web page

We offer a variety of training courses on safeguarding:

  • Introduction to safeguarding children and young people (Group 1-2)*
  • Introduction to safeguarding (this covers adults at risk of abuse and children)*
  • Introduction to safeguarding adults at risk of abuse*
  • Equipped to lead safeguarding in the VCSE – this is for Designated Safeguarding Leads and Trustees
  • Keeping yourself and others ‘Safe and Sound’
  • New. 30 minute online ‘Keeping people safe and sound: A basic guide to safeguarding’ This session is ideal for groups who have limited contact with people but who may notice a something that worries them e.g. when delivering groceries or medication. Visit our covid-19 training page to access this free session.

Our courses have been quality assured and endorsed by the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership.

If you have safeguarding concerns about an adult or child

If the child or adult is in immediate danger call 999 ask for the police, and an ambulance if that is also needed, follow their guidance.

For guidance on how to report a non-urgent safeguarding concern about a child/ren and for an adult(s)

Access the Secure Suffolk Children and Young People’s PortalOpens a external web page
Access the secure Adult Care PortalOpens a external web page

The Children and Young People’s Portal and the Adult  Care Portal are an easy to use, secure space where you can complete and send forms directly to the right children’s/ adult’s services team.

The first time you complete a form you will be asked to create a new portal account. It’s quick and easy to register for an account. To make sure the information you send to us is secure, you will need to log into this account every time you access the portal.

There are user guides and video guidance available if you need help using the portal.

Refer without creating a portal accountOpens a external web page

If you are concerned about a child or adult and are unable to use the reporting Portal, you can call Customer First on 0808 800 4005.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) – Professionals helpline

If you would like to discuss whether or not a referral is required, please call the Professional Consultation Line on 03456 061 499 to speak with a MASH social worker.

Please note: The advice line does not replace an individual organisations safeguarding processes, these should be followed first. If following consultation more information comes to light or the situation changes, a professional can seek further clarity by calling the consultation line again.

Alternatively, if they feel that the response that have received does not meet the needs of the child/family or leaves a child at risk of harm, they can still make a referral in the usual way or escalate their concerns through their organisations safeguarding process.

Visit MASH WebsiteOpens a external web page

Allegations Management reporting and support

Contact details for Suffolk County Council LADO’s:
Tel: 0300 123 2044


Community Action Suffolk

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