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Sustainability and Funding Advice

Financial Sustainability and Funding Development Advice & Support

For the most up to date funding available at the current time please search on the Funding4Suffolk portal.

This is a jointly funded initiative by the County, District and Borough Councils. It has brought into Suffolk a huge amount of funding since its creation and gives organisations the autonomy to search for funds and to create and save alerts, which notifies you as soon as a fund meets your search criteria.

Read more about using the Funding4Suffolk portal here

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Practical Support & Guidance

All organisations need to be sustainable; Community Action Suffolk are here to help Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprises (VCFSE’s) by supporting organisations to work towards building long and viable futures for their services through our training offer.

Practical support.

“You provided a fabulous consultation around fundraising and sustainability for our organisation. Thank you so much for your time and expertise which was most appreciated. We have taken on board your recommendations. Thanks again for your support”

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Diversifying Your Income (New)

In this session we explore potential income generating opportunities with key considerations for each to diversify your income and to help build a fundraising strategy. This is the most important document for any charity to help build and sustain your organisation, reviewing how much you want to raise, over what timeframe, what the funding mix will be and more importantly who will be taking ownership of the actions to underpin this.

New course! How to approach full cost recovery and sustainability

Put simply, full cost recovery means securing funding for all the costs involved in running a project or delivering a service, including the relevant proportion of all overhead costs. Read more here about Full Cost Recovery and why it is important in this blog by Simon Pickering of dottodot Training, who shall be delivering this course for us. 

The objective of this training session is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of full cost recovery principles and techniques. By the end of the session, participants should be able to calculate and apply full cost recovery methods to improve financial sustainability in their organisations.

The target audience is VCFSE organisations, leaders and those with financial responsibilities wanting to understand Full Cost Recovery better and work towards a more sustainable approach to income generation.

To view more information and book your place click, here.

Everyday Finance Essentials for Beginners

For anyone new to finances in the voluntary sector this session is crucial to demystify the key elements of day-to-day finance.

Did you know that cashflow is normally the largest cause of organisation failure? We look at a cash flow statement step by step to understand your income and expenditure; We also look at a forecast over a set period of time for an accurate financial picture to ensure that your financial position is strong enough to sustain your day-to-day operations.

A budget is another element to include in your organisational finance management as a financial document that is used to project future money that will need to be

spent in order to get your planned activities completed. It helps you keep track of what is actually happening in your organisation including planning, implementation and monitoring for careful management of your finances.

Reserves is another core element to charity finance, we look at a policy to better understand when and how this funding can be used and how it enhances the stability of an organisation long term.

Introduction to Writing Funding Applications

Whether you are applying for a small grant or a multi-million pound grant the principles are the same. This course covers what is required to ensure that you are ‘fit for funding’ before you even embark on your fundraising journey. We look at the key considerations that you need to think about in any funding application as well as reviewing the common mistakes that are often made and how you can stand out to give complete confidence to any Funder!

This training session will help participants to understand how grant applications are assessed. It will help you to identify how to search for appropriate funding opportunities and how to then ensure that your application meets the needs of the funder. This is an interactive session and is suitable for those who are new to funding application writing as well as a refresher for experienced funding applicants.

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