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Safeguarding: Example policy and procedures

Are you trying to write or update you safeguarding policy and procedures? Not sure where to start? Please do not type ‘ Find me a safeguarding policy’ and hit return in your Google search bar.

We have what you may be looking for! In this section you can view our example safeguarding policy and procedure documents. They are free to download and amend to meet your needs. They are tailored to Suffolk and have Suffolk reporting processes in them. This means you do not have to worry about having a policy that you found on the internet that looks good but actually references Australian or Canadian processes – it has happened.

Safeguarding should be a governance priority for all charities‘, Charity Commission 2018

“Trustees should ensure their charity provides a safe environment  and protects staff, volunteers, and anyone who comes into contact with it from abuse or maltreatment of any kind”.

‘Trustees should take steps to ensure no one who comes into contact with their charity suffers distress or harm, as well as safeguarding children and adults at risk, says regulator of charities’.

Charity Commission, 2018

Example safeguarding policies and procedure and documents

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. You have a safeguarding responsibility to the staff and volunteers that work with your organisation as well as to any children, young people, families and/or adults at risk of abuse that you work with. Having a robust safeguarding policy that is fit for purpose will help you to meet your safeguarding responsibilities.

CAS 'Really Useful Guide to… Writing a safeguarding policy and procedure'Opens a external web page
Suffolk Children and young people matrixOpens or downloads a document
Suffolk Safeguarding Adults FrameworkOpens or downloads a document
Suffolk Multi Agency safeguarding Hub MASH poster (A5)Opens or downloads a document
Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership: Policies, Procedures and Practice GuidanceOpens a external web page

1 to 1 Safeguarding policy and procedure surgeries from CAS

If you want any bespoke support developing or reviewing your safeguarding policy and procedures contact [email protected] the Training, Safeguarding and Quality Standards Development Officer at CAS to arrange a one hour 1 to 1 safeguarding policy surgery.